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Integrated Accounting Systems

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    About Integrated Systems

    Integrated systems offer the ability to provide multiple accounting services, be it portfolio accounting, partnership accounting, general ledger accounting. As the complexity of your accounting needs increases, the value of the integrated approach grows. However, the implementation time, cost and risks also increase. Planning, staffing, training and alike all need to adjust accordingly.

    We've included in this group systems that manage four or more out of the six accounting types like cost accounting, tax preparation and adjustments, fair market value (unrealized gain loss) reporting, ownership/partnership accounting, omnibus cash management, and trust accounting (principal and income).

Eton Solutions

Eton Solutions originated from Eton Advisors, a multi-family office co-founded by Robert Mallernee, and became an independent entity in 2015. Assets on their AtlasFive platform: $737+B; Families on the platform: 652. Eton has 350 employees across the US, Bengaluru (engineering, implementation and back office support center) and Singapore (source: demo at MFT Nov 2023 conference).

Q&A With Robert Mallernee - CEO, Eton Solutions


Elysys is a Monaco-based firm serving family offices since 2006. Elysys combines its investment management module within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central creating their flagship solution is the Single Source Of Truth (SSOT). Assets on the platform: $200+B; Family offices on the platform: 50, large proportion being SFOs. Clients located in Europe, Middle East, Asia and N America (source: Tech-NEW-logy Institute and demo at MFT Nov 2023 conference).

Tech-NEW-logy Interview with Max Wattel and Ness Menzies

Interview with Max Wattel, MD 


FundCount: Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Barbados, FundCount has offices in Boston, Toronto, Singapore, and Dubai. Led by CEO and co-founder Alex Ivanov, FundCount originally developed software for hedge funds, later expanding to include family offices, which now constitute 30-40% of FundCount’s client base (source: demo at MFT Nov 2023 conference).

Asset Vantage

Asset Vantage was founded in 2011 by UniDel, a multi-generational family office run by Sunil Dalal. Main locations: Stamford, Connecticut and Mumbai, India. Assets on the platform: $200B; Families on the platform: 350, 60% through SFOs and 40% through MFOs (RIAs, accounting firms, trust cos, etc)  (source: demo at MFT Nov 2023 conference).

Tech-NEW-logy Interview with Chirag Nanavati, MD


General Ledger, Accounting, Bill Pay


    About General Ledger, Accounting, Bill Pay

    The general ledger is a key record of all financial transactions in a family office, acting as the foundation of its accounting system. It supports the creation of financial statements and reports necessary for managing investments, tracking expenses, and making strategic decisions, by accommodating a broad range of assets and transactions.

    Bill pay and accounts payable refer to managing outgoing payments including personal and household bills as well as business obligations. There are a number of specialist technology and outsource solutions designed to streamline the bill payment function.

SumIt Software

General Ledger

SumIt is a next generation general ledger-based software focused on centralizing, consolidating, and automating family office financial data through an intuitive interface. It aims to go beyond the limitations of basic family office accounting software such as Excel and QuickBooks, and avoid the painful headaches of overly advanced systems. SumIt was co-founded in 2022 by Alexandre Lin, who's also MD of Lin Family Office. 

Tech-NEW-logy Interview with Alex Lin, Founder


365 Business Central Partner

TMG is a Microsoft Dynamics Gold implementation partner, providing business solutions to small and medium sized organizations since 1984. TMG supports family offices in implementing Business Central, Dynamics CRM, Solver and Power BI dashboards and SharePoint. 

TMG has offices in Farmington Hills and Grand Rapids, MI, and South Bend, IN. Primarily serving a US-based clientele, the company also caters to a number of international clients.


Billpay and Personal Bookkeeping

Aquilance (formerly My Accountant) was founded in 1987 by Bill Farren and Norb Janis to address the complex needs of highly affluent families by eliminating the time spent on personal financial administration, and by providing timely and accurate reports to inform budgeting, planning, and investing decisions. Services:

  • Billpay, Personal Bookkeeping
  • Entity and Partnership Accounting
  • Consolidated Investment Performance Reporting


Accounting Data Tool

KnowLedger is a data service that moves data from portfolio accounting systems, banks, institutions, and custodians into the General Ledger system. Its rules-based approach aims to ensure accuracy, completeness and data confidence. KnowLedger is headquartered in Phoenixville, PA and founded in 2020 by Ryan Kerry, who was previously CEO and founder of Accusource, sold to STP.


Portfolio Management and Reporting


    Portfolio Management and Reporting

    One of the most valued features of these systems is the tracking and aggregation of financial data from various sources into a single, comprehensive report. This includes investments across multiple asset classes (traditional and alternatives), bank accounts and other holdings, providing a complete picture of the family’s financial status.

    These systems typically offer detailed performance analytics for various investments and over time, comparing them against benchmarks. They can also include analyses of the portfolio’s exposure to various risks, helping the family office to make adjustments.

Private Wealth Systems

Private Wealth Systems was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Mooresville, NC. The solution includes account aggregation, data reconciliation, portfolio accounting, performance calculation, client reporting, and investor portal. Craig Pearson, the firm's co-founder, was President of WealthTouch (sold to Archway in 2014).

Copia Wealth Studios

Copia Wealth Studios was founded in 2021 by Michael Sikorsky, a tech entrepreneur and chairman of his Sky and Ray Family Office, set up following successful exits. Copia is building a financial intelligence platform that brings all investments (including alternatives and illiquid assets) into one view.

Collation.AI is a comprehensive data aggregation and reporting platform offering AI-driven backoffice, portfolio analytics, and client reporting solutions for Wealth Managers. We originated from the WealthTech provider, which reports on over USD 170 billion in assets and is supported by many Family Offices, Credit Suisse, and UBS.

Tech-NEW-logy Interview with Tanmai Sharma, Founder


Ledgex began in 2011 as a fund-of-funds solution with a different name, ECI. In 2018, Ledgex spun out of ECI and launched Ledgex Pro in 2021. Ledgex Pro a multi-asset class portfolio management and accounting solution for family offices and allocators. Its suite includes general ledger, performance and analysis, private investment, and other tools. 

Tech-NEW-logy Interview with Nicole Eberhardt, CEO


Other Systems


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    Family offices leverage various types of technology to streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and secure assets. These technologies, when effectively integrated, enable family offices to manage their complex and multifaceted operations more efficiently, securely, and strategically.


K-1 Processing

K1x is a data distribution platform for alternative investments that simplifies complex processes. Its patent-pending, AI-powered SaaS solution digitizes and distributes IRS Schedules K-1, K-3, and 990 data, connecting investors, advisors, tax software, portals, accounting firms, IRS and state taxing authorities. K1x is trusted by more than 8000 organizations. 

Tech-NEW-logy Interview with Danielle Tewes, Strategic Accounts


Estate and Household Management

The Nines platform serves as a centralized household manual and operating system for managing properties, assets, vendors, staff, tasks, and more. Nines also offers families, family offices and private service professionals a place to turn for professional development, consulting and community. 


Organize & Visualize Ownership Structure

ORCA was built to help asset administrators and anyone who owns, manages or supports an ownership structure to gather, visualise and share legal, tax and compliance data. It is used by families, family offices, investment firms (PE/VC/RE, etc), trust firms, law firms and corporates. Headquartered in Zurich, ORCA was co-founded in 2017 by Tomas Hurcik.  

Tech-NEW-logy Interview with Tomas Hurcik, Founder


Trust & Estate Collaboration

Luminary is a vertical SaaS company providing purpose-built data and applications that streamline the delivery of trust & estate services. It powers how advisors connect client assets with generational gifting and philanthropic giving goals. Customers include wealth management firms, family offices, and law practices. Founded only in 2022, Luminary is backed by leading VCs including 8VC and Joe Lonsdale, co-founder of Addepar and Palantir, among other firms.

Tech-NEW-logy Interview with David Barnard, CEO & Co-Founder

Giving Place (acquired)

Optimize Charitable Giving

Giving Place is was built to optimize all forms of charitable giving and facilitate collaboration. It was founded in 2020 by Paul Lussow and Jeff Grossman. In 1 February 2024, Giving Place was acquired by TIFIN Give - the philanthropy-focused division of AI-wealth innovation platform TIFIN.

Tech-NEW-logy Interview with Paul Lussow, Founder