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My Family Office Tech & Ops Conference

November 19-20 2024, Virtual

Join us and our network at the largest family office tech and operations conference bringing together experts and all stakeholders in the family office technology ecosystem. Our conference breaks away from the typical pay to play model: our content is thorough and unbiased as we don't give center stage to technology providers as expert panelists since they have an underlying agenda promoting their technology.

Family office technology and operations

Larry Kraus Tech-NEW-logy Institute

Eight Programs per Year, Virtual

Founded by Philip Strassler, the Tech-NEW-logy Institute is a unique, non-sponsored series of seminars highlighting tech solutions for modern family offices. The programs are moderated by leading technology consultants interviewing tech founders and leaders delving into the motivations and innovations underpinning their systems. MyFOTech is a steering committee member and close collaborator.

Family Office Tech Peer meetings

Peer-To-Peer Meetings

Learn From the Experts and Each Other

We host exclusive roundtable discussions, carefully designed to foster learning and networking among peers. Led by experts, these sessions provide a moderated and comfortable environment, ensuring insightful exchanges with a select group of participants. These meetings offer one of the most effective due diligence tools when developing your tech stack.


Family Office research

Family Office Tech Intelligence

From the Best in the Business

Our data-driven research projects are meticulously crafted to navigate the vendor landscape and unearth valuable insights from the ever-growing noise and complexity of today's data environment. We leverage our understanding of the family office technology landscape and deep expertise of our network to help you track and make sense of the rapid developments in this field.