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Family Office Integrated Accounting Systems

Published April 2024



Integrated systems offer the ability to provide multiple accounting services, be it portfolio accounting, partnership accounting, general ledger accounting. As the complexity of your accounting needs increases, the value of the integrated approach grows. However, the implementation time, cost and risks also increase. Planning, staffing, training and alike all need to adjust accordingly.

This report is based on a survey and series of discussions designed in partnership with Dr Tania Neild, CTO & owner of InfoGrate, a specialist family office consulting and services firm.

Our survey was conducted leading up to our Nov 2023 conference. We identified and approached all systems identified as belonging in this category: Eton's Atlas Five, Asset Vantage, Elysys, RockIt Solutions, FundCount, Northern Trust's Wealth Passport, Forest Systems, SEI's Archway Platform, SS&C Total Return and Allvue, and received answers from 8 firms. 

This was not a sponsored project and there were no fees to participate.

Report Contents


1. Integrated Accounting Systems

      What are they and which family offices should consider one?
      Types of accounting 
      Pros and Cons 


2. Considerations for Implementation

      Dedicated project manager 
      Chart of accounts 
      Handling historical data 
      Evolving reporting requirements 


3. Annual Cost and Pricing Factors

      Pricing factors 
      Annual license fees  


4. Who Are the Players?

      Origins and overview
      Number of clients based on client type 


5. Case Studies

      Sawmill Trust Company 
      Tandem Wealth Consultants 
      & Lessons Learned 


This report is available at no cost to family offices. Sign in or complete the form to request access. If you have any questions, email 

Company Type
Ex. name of the family, family business and/or family office, approx. size, generation/year office was formed, number of employees, source of wealth (i.e. industry), etc.